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The primary research objective of mAI PA ("my public announcement" or "my personal assistant") was to improve natural language processing for voice commanded systems. Such systems often constrain language to scripted forms, to a particular word order, or limited to certain keywords. Our system processes unconstrained natural language and includes a novel, expressive, and yet simple way to configure particular applications.

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The primary research objective of this project was to develop high performance image to model registration system for n-D datasets (2D constellations, point-clouds, vectors). Derivative benefits included packing the system to enable scaling on the cloud or across our in-house distributing computing network.

The commercial endeavor is georeferencing County Assessor maps as a service. The system has been used to process approximately 25,000 images for two large southern California counties. Depending on the algorithm used, our distributed computing network can process 1 to 10 thousand maps per day.

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